Compiling iiNet Budii Firmware

Prepare the build host, need to be run on a i386 (32bit host) or on a machine with i386 libraries installed:

apt-get install ca-certificates wget gawk tcl libtool bison flex

Download the mips toolchain:

cd /tmp
tar -vxzf master.tar.gz
mkdir -p /opt/toolchains
mv /tmp/Actiontec-V1000H-master/uclibc-crosstools-gcc-4.4.2-1/opt/toolchains/uclibc-crosstools-gcc-4.4.2-1 /opt/toolchains/uclibc-crosstools-gcc-4.4.2-1
ln -ds /opt/toolchains/uclibc-crosstools-gcc-4.4.2-1 /opt/toolchains/uclibc-crosstools-gcc-4.2.3-3

Download and compile firmware:

cd /tmp
tar -vxzf Budii1016_consumer_release.tar.gz
chmod 755 consumer_install
cd bcm963xx_router
patch -p0 << EOF
--- ./kernel/linux/kernel/     2020-09-21 08:39:27.604866808 +0800
+++ ./kernel/linux/kernel/  2020-09-21 08:39:45.349499257 +0800
@@ -370,7 +370,7 @@

	@val = @{$canned_values{$hz}};
-	if (!defined(@val)) {
+	if (scalar(@val)==0) {
		@val = compute_values($hz);
	output($hz, @val);
make PROFILE=Budii

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